Taylor Haun

Brennan Predmore

 Percussion / Piano / guitar / music theory

Brennan grew up in a small Italian community in western New York. He has been playing percussion and piano for the last 20 years. Every since Brennan was child, he wanted to become a music teacher. Brennan had a very strong urge to share the knowledge he had learned through his own music education with others. Once he graduated college, Brennan began teaching privately. He has been instructing all ages in percussion, music theory/composition and piano for the last 6 years. He has also played in numerous successful bands all over the country and is still currently gigging around Texas.

Brennan has a strong emphasis on technique and learning the fundamentals of your chosen instrument. "My students practice scale work, sight reading and essential rudiments/techniques to hone their craft perfectly. I also encourage my students to explore their own compositions and create as much as possible." With that being said, Brennan creates a fun environment for all his students to grow and develop a strong passion for music.

Overall Brennan is a very calm patient teacher who loves to laugh and smile. 
"I work and practice very hard alongside my students to achieve any goal they set out to accomplish. I personally believe that if the student is learning, having fun and the teacher is with them every step of the way, they will in turn both be successful!"