Garrett reeves

Guitar / Piano
Garrett was born and raised in Stephenville, TX, where he learned to play piano at the age of 9 from local teachers and students at Tarleton State University. While in high school, Garrett taught younger kids and even adults to play the piano. After learning guitar from Layne Golden, a professional musician who has performed with Asleep at the Wheel and BTO's Randy Bachman, Garrett graduated high school and moved to Austin and began teaching piano and beginner's theory in group classes ranging from 5 to 25 elementary-age students. During that time, Garrett has tutored several elementary-age private students and guided them from the basics of piano to being able to compose their own songs and soundtracks on the keyboard, and he still works with some of these students today.

His teaching style focuses on being attentive to students' specific needs and personal goals, then helping them enact routines, techniques, & approaches that will get them there most efficiently and effectively. Garrett's use of playing techniques and music theory is built on pragmatism, but he is also willing to delve into the subtext and the "why" behind the mystery of any concept to help his students absorb a richer, deeper understanding of the things they're learning. He's worked with a vast range of personalities and special needs over the last two years, and has helped students with autism cultivate an appreciation for music. Garrett also specializes in developing young artists, specifically when it comes to writing and arranging their own music, with a practical, common-sense approach to composition