Josh Terry

Josh Terry Performing Violin

Josh Terry

Violin / Piano / Guitar / rECORDING / VoICE / aRTIST dEVELOPMENT

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Josh Terry came from the wilds of St. Petersburg, Florida, where he grew up water gardening, woodcarving, playing the violin, and slaying giant sea monsters in the Gulf of Mexico.

He focused on the violin and piano during the beginning of his education but quickly branched out to other fields of music until he could write, perform, record, and produce. He has written film scores and string quartets, recorded rock bands, and is in the process of releasing a fully produced electronica project, Simple Theory. This rounded approach to music led him to Out of this World Music School because of a desire to help students love music and pursue it in a manner that, while giving them excellent technique and skill, also leads them to a healthy outlook on music as a whole art with many parts that just makes life better.

Josh played first violin for two years in the Tampa Bay Symphony and holds a Bachelor's degree in classical violin performance with a focus in composition from the University of Miami, where he worked on both violin and classical piano, before moving to Austin to continue conquering the planet with cool noises. He currently plays in five different bands, ranging in styles from rock to folk to electronic to Pink Floyd bluegrass.

Josh has tutored college-level musicians and taught music to younger kids in summer camps before coming to Out of this World Music School.  His goal with all of his students is to supply them with a set of skills and then help them to find their own voice, encouraging them to pursue music on their own time and in their own way to bring something new and better into the world.