Shawn Lesure

Mason Neal

Guitar/Bass/Piano/keyboard/Drums/percussion/ Saxophone/bassoon/clarinet/flute/trumpet/trombone/mandolin/   composition/music theory


Mason Neal is a native Austinite and working musician with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory from the University of Texas at Arlington. Mason is classically trained on the bassoon through school at Cedar Park High School. Mason continued playing the bassoon in college and was formally trained in jazz performance on the bass guitar at UTA.  Mason also performed various percussion instruments with the drumlines at both CPHS and UTA.  Primarily a bass guitarist on stage, Mason has over six years experience in teaching any age student with instruments including guitar, piano, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.  Mason has also worked behind the scenes running sound for bands, such as The Pontiax, and composed/produced multiple albums, including Portents+Prophecies by The Pajammas.